Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 13, 25 Days of Christmas Tips

13) Be a blessing
One of our Christmas traditions is to get all bundled up in our pajamas, pile in the car, play Christmas music, and look at Christmas lights together. My family did this for as long as I can rememer, and Chris and I have continued every Christmas since we were married. There are some special houses that we always make sure to visit each year. I heard an idea this year that we are definitely going to add to the tradition. Since the people who decorate those incredible houses go out of their way, and since we always enjoy looking at all of their incredible decorations, why not show them our appreciation? We're going to pack up a few extra boxes of Christmas cookies this year (and when I say boxes, I really mean decorated empty formula cannisters! =), and stick them in the car to take with us while we look at lights. We'll drop them off at the houses that we frequent every year along with a thank-you note.
Other ideas for being a blessing to someone this Christmas:
  • drop of cookies or candies and a card to your local fire station
  • hand-deliver your Christmas cards to your neighbors this year
  • grab a group of outgoing friends, and go caroling around the neighborhood
  • gather your plastic grocery sacks, and deliver them to a local preschool with a sweet note - they use these for everything from dirty clothes to painting projects
  • donate a handful of books to your local library
  • clean out your closets and take your old clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army
  • volunteer to wrap gifts for an elderly neighbor (hey, you could also volunteer to do their shopping!)
  • gather your old towels and rags to donate to your local animal shelter

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