Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homemade Babyfood Tutorial, Part Four

Finger Foods

Once your baby is ready to start eating finger foods, food prep becomes very easy. I make the food ahead of time just as I did the purees and the mashes. I steam, saute, or bake the food, cut it into cubes, put in ice cube trays, then fill the cubes with the water I used to steam or homemade (salt-free!) broths.

Another easy option is to cut the fruit or veggie into matchsticks before cooking. Line them on a baking sheet after they are tender and cooled and freeze. Once they are frozen, put them in a zip-top bag in the freezer. You can pull out one or two sticks at a time, thaw them, then cut them into cubes.

Sometimes foods are difficult for your baby to pick up because they are slippery. To help them out, crush up some Cheerios in a ziploc bag until they are crumbs. Add the slippery finger foods to the bag and shake until they are coated. This will give your baby something to grip.

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