Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Great Resource

When my daughter was born almost a year ago, my sister-in-law organized a schedule of meal deliveries for us. It was absolutely the best gift ever. We had a hot and ready meal around 5:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for over two months. It was honestly a life-saver. If we hadn't had meals delivered, we would have eaten Doritos or cereal for every meal. =) And that's only if we remembered to go to the grocery store for milk!
Anyway, that same sister-in-law delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy (her fourth baby boy!) yesterday, and one of her friends organized meals for her family. Instead of just calling/e-mailing and filling in dates, she used the coolest online service, Food Tidings. She just e-mailed the link, and everyone can go on and sign up for the date they'd like. It also has a column to fill in what you're bringing them to avoid duplicate meals. So clever! I remember getting the same exact meal down to the side dishes three times in a row when we had them delivered. Of course we were still incredibly grateful, and we LOVED that particular dish. Another feature I love is that there is a column in the chart that lists the amount of people to prepare for, food allergies, and special instructions. For example, my sis-in-law is nursing, so people should avoid foods that are known to cause gas in the tiny tummies. Another example would be to write down instructions such as naptimes and daily schedules so the meal deliveries do not disturb the family.
So if you know of a pregnant mommy you'd like to bless or a person approaching surgery or just a family going through tough times in this horrible economy, I hope you'll find this resource helpful!

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