Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Decorations

Obviously I love making things, and I made almost everything for my daughter's first birthday party. I got some amazing ideas from friends and family, and I had to share. I'll be doing a series of posts sharing some of my favorite things here and there. I hope these are helpful!

We had the party at a pavilion at a local park. I made these tissue paper balls to use as a sort of chandelier to hang in the center of the pavilion from eye hooks.

First step: Cut pieces of tissue paper into squares of any size. These are around 5 inches, but I did 3 inches all the way to 24 inches. I used about 14-20 squares for each ball. The smaller balls require fewer squares to make them look full.
Step Two: Stack all of the cut squares, then accordian-fold them as you would a paper fan.
Step Three: Fasten the center of the folded squares. You can use twisted wire, paper clips, staples, yarn, etc.
Step Four: Cut the ends into any shape you desire. You can round the corners, cut them into points, punch holes with a hole punch, etc.
Step Five: Carefully unfold and separate the layers of squares on either side of the center fastener.Last: Fluff the paper until it forms balls like these. To hang, tie fishing line, tulle, or string to the paper clips, and hang at varying heights.

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