Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Babyfood Tip

A few months ago I stopped making purees for my approaching-toddlerhood baby. She was used to more texture, so I started mashing things or chopping things instead. But when I tried those veggie pancakes the other day, I decided to use purees so the pancakes would be a smooth texture. I recently made another batch with spinach, broccoli, garbanzo beans, and a little applesauce. I had quite a bit of the spinach and broccoli purees leftover. I keep them in the refrigerator in air-tight containers, and I've added them to everything lately. It's made me realize I need to start making purees again because they're not only good for beginner-eaters. I've used them in our food (ham and cheese quiche - I added a few spoonfuls of spinach) and in my one-year-olds. I've spread it on sandwiches and quesadillas, added a scoop to soups and sauces, and mixed it into beaten eggs for scrambled eggs and omlettes. It has been so handy.
So, if you're like me and you dismissed purees when your child was old enough to tolerate more texture, try steaming and pureeing some spinach to add a boost of leafy greens to your next pot of spaghetti or tomato soup. You'll never know it's there, and you'll benefit tremendously in the nutrition arena!

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