Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diving In

I can't stand to throw things away that might become useful later. I try to keep this to a minimum because we live in a house with very little storage. But the one exception I've had is with fabric. I cannot get rid of it! It's my weakness. I keep everything, including old dresses and sweaters. And I use a lot of it. So a year or so ago I saw a spiderweb quilt on Sew, Mama, Sew and fell in love with it. It was way more advanced than I felt I could tackle, but it was a goal of mine. I had been saving fabric scraps for years and years, so I had tons of little crumbs that needed a purpose. I had lots of fabric samples from projects of old, extra fabric left over from quilts, etc. I had saved them in cardboard banker's boxes, and I had two that were overflowing. It's been a bit intimidating, but I decided to tackle them last night while we caught up on DVR'd shows. I brought the boxes in the family room, pulled everything out, and cut it all into strips (varying in width from probably around 1' to 3' wide). Then I sorted out all of the tiny pieces that were less than 2'x2' squares. I sorted all of the strips by color. This morning I dove in. I'm using a taupe cotton for the center, and I'm using every color and pattern in my stash for the circles. If you are contemplating a more advanced craft/recipe/sewing project than you're used to, won't you dive in with me?

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