Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Mom Survival Kit

Know any friends having a baby anytime soon? When one of my best friends had her baby back in September, I wanted to do something unique and thoughtful. So I posted a thread on my baby board asking for ideas of things to include in a survival kit. I was so excited about the responses! Tons of people chimed in. I just finished creating my second kit which will be delivered this evening (unless, of course, the baby is delivered this evening!). I thought I'd share the finished basket and the list for you all. Please comment if you have any additional ideas of things to include!

  • Bottle of wine - went 9 months without it, and it is said to help stimulate milk production
  • Binder filled with take-out menus and gift cards
  • Night lights - get the kind that turn on and off for midnight feedings
  • Extra batteries - always seem to run out at the worst times, and most baby things need them
  • Cute hair things - what new mom has time to dry and style their hair after a shower? These help her feel cute even in a pony tail
  • Word puzzle book - something to do during feedings to keep you awake
  • Hand Cream - to combat the million handwashings per day
  • Kleenex - because the tears are plenty
  • Dog bones - for dog owners to occupy their curious 4-legged friends
  • Water bottle - it's helpful if it has a straw so it doesn't have to be tipped (hard to do when nursing)
  • Distilled water - most microwave or countertop sanitizers recommend using distilled water
  • Snacks - include several jars of healthy snacks to be stashed in all the nursing/feeding spots AND include lots of indulgent snacks as well
  • Deodorant - new moms are shedding a lot of that extra fluid!
  • Gum - for those times that people drop by to visit and you haven't had time to brush your teeth

Hope you have a new mom you can spoil soon!


Katie said...

great idea, and great list of items to include!

Anonymous said...

I love the list of items. It is more practical then some I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I have a nephew to be born in December. Will surely use this! Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I also added dry shampoo and "boogie wipes"(brand name) to my gift.