Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sandy Feet

I'm taking a break from my all-day cooking session to share this with you. While I was waiting for my pot to come to a boil, I was flipping through July's Parents Magazine and saw the cutest thing. This is a kit to carry with you to the beach to make a keepsake out of your child's footprints in the sand. What a great idea! Of course, you could save yourself a little bit of money and buy plaster of paris to do this on your own. But this comes with all the tools you'll need for mixing, and it's packaged in the sweetest bucket. This would make a great gift idea too. You can buy them here. Isn't it precious?

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Out and About with the Eatons said...

Hi Alicia,

So I am officially in love with Tiny Tidbits! I am so amazed that you can do all these things and feel inspired that I can do them too! Thanks for sharing your tiny (awesome) ideas :) I will be visiting!

Liz (Stevenson) Eaton :)