Monday, June 1, 2009

Silly Lunch

Every week or so I get the privilege of pulling out my pre-K teacher ideas with my nephews. Last week my two middle nephews (ages 3 and 5) came over for the afternoon. I had a picnic lunch planned and packed, but the weather was HOT, and the allergens were in full force. So we ate inside instead. I searched for some fun ways to dress up a regular picnic lunch, experimented, and here's the result. Please feel free to copy!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (flatten with a rolling pin, use a cup to cut into a circle, then add ears (the cut-off corners of the sandwich). I peeled a carrot with a vegetable peeler for hair, added strawberry and chocolate chip eyes, a blackberry nose, and an orange wedge mouth. Make sure to serve it with ranch to dip the "hair."
A side of applesauce topped with sliced strawberry stars, red raspberries, and sprinkles.
We had very little leftover. =)

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Brandon and Jenny said...

I want some of that applesauce! Yum!