Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sticker Prompts

My nephews helped me demonstrate this idea. Grab a handful of plain white paper (I keep a pile of printing mistakes by my printer and often use the back for doodling) and some fun stickers. Put the sticker somewhere on the paper, and have the kids draw a picture around, but including the sticker. It's fun to put the stickers in an unlikely place. For example, I put a sticker of a t-rex at an angle toward the middle of the page. My 5-year-old nephew decided the t-rex was climbing a mountain. Since there was at least half of a page underneath, he drew all sorts of underground life (worms, bugs, tunnels, etc.)
Want to take it further? Turn the paper over, and draw squiggly lines to create a puzzle. Cut along the lines, and voila! Don't be jealous of my amazing drawing skillz. =)

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