Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Kitchen Decision Progress

Alternately Titled: "Why My Husband is Shaking His Head"I got a resounding lighter-cabinet response from my last kitchen makeover post. I already had the materials I'd need to test it out, so I did one cabinet door yesterday, and I love it! For some reason painting those wood cabinets was intimidating to permanent! But the second the paint touched the surface, I was hooked. I used a color called "Muslin Wrap" which was a muted white, and I made my own glaze with glazing medium and a walnut stain.
Here's why my husband is shaking his head - I don't like the distressed finish on the cabinets next to the distressed finish on the walls. Instead of wanting to just paint the cabinets one solid colors so they coordinate better, I think I want to do the distressed cabinet and paint the walls a solid color. Oh boy. It took us forever to do the kitchen walls. We had wallpaper, a wallpaper border, and some textured walls before. We removed wallpaper, primed the walls, did the texture, painted, then glazed. This alone sounds daunting, but you have to factor that we have a lot of wall space and that our walls are 14-feet tall in the kitchen. Ugh. It took so long to complete. When I was finished, I was not 100% pleased, but it was so much work, we lived with it. The problem is that the glaze is really hard to get to look even and natural when your walls are so big. There are parts where the glaze took differently and is shiny, and places where it's dull. There are places where the glaze dried more before it was wiped off and is smudgy-looking. People say they don't notice, but I do. Also, there are several places that were nicked or were pulled off by painter's tape. I tried to touch them up, but it's very obvious. To really hide the imperfections, the walls would have to be re-done. All this being said, I'm actually considering painting the walls. I would probably do a muted olive green, much like the average between the two tones now but with no glaze. I went to Lowe's last night for a thousand paint chips which I have in the kitchen staring back at me.
I'll definitely keep you posted on the progress as I make up my mind. Thanks for all your help!

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Amy said...

I say go for it! Paint the walls too...I will help. I think it will look much more like your "inspiration room" that way...I feel SO HGTV saying that :-)