Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mary Makeover Update

I just had to pop in to say that I am relaxing on the couch still in lounging-around-the-house clothes. AND I had a big pancake breakfast and delicious coffee. AND we all played for over an hour this morning together.

This is novel because I have company coming this afternoon (my sister from Washington), and I'm not frantically cleaning. I need to mop the floor in the family room, and that's it! This new plan has been awesome. I feel like I barely do any work, and yet the house is spotless. I hope you'll try it if you're looking for a plan. It certainly has made an impact around here.


Katie said...

I'm just catching up on some blogs, and really like your ideas! I definitely need to try to implement them in my house...

Brandon and Jenny said...

I had typed a really long comment with no end in sight when I realized that I just needed to turn that comment into a blog in itself. :) Read my blog to see me comment! :) plus some other stuff.

Have missed reading your blog...I have been traveling and w/o Internet.