Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meal Planning

Does anyone out there meal plan? We're about to start, and I'm really looking forward to it. I have found myself in a rut where I don't start thinking about dinner until either I get hungry for it or until it's too late to do a grocery run (with two kids) and prepare.
So, do you have any good advice? I will definitely value it. I'm planning on sharing helpful hints and what has worked for us once it's all said and done. And here are my stipulations:
I'd like the meals to be healthy.
I want to use pantry things wisely so nothing goes to waste. (For example, if I have to buy a special type of oil for a recipe, I don't want to only use one tablespoon then store it in the pantry until it spoils since there was no other use for it.)
We're doing one vegetarian dinner and one fish dinner each week.
So there you have it. Please chime in (if you haven't already on Facebook!) with your ideas, inspiration, experience of what works and what doesn't, etc. And I'll keep you posted from this end.

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