Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Plan

Well, after posing a question on Facebook regarding meal planning and talking to some people who have planned meals for awhile, the plan is underway. My goal was to get started by the time my son was 2 months old. Today's his 2-month birthday, and tomorrow the plan begins!

I'm so thankful that my sister wanted to join me in this endeavor. Because we're both going in together, we're only having to plan half of the weeks. We're doing one seafood day, one vegetarian day, and homemade pizzas every Friday (thanks Tara!). We started a blog, Feeding our Families, to keep everything straight, so you're welcome to check it out, follow along, and/or contribute recipes. The way we're using it is to make sure the week is up well in advance. That way we can print the recipes, make our grocery list, and shop for up to 2 weeks at a time if we want. We can also spend time preparing food the weekend prior if need be.

Another aspect of the blog is going to be to compile recipes for freezer-friendly meals and desserts. This way it can serve as a resource if we have some free time that we'd like to spend making meals to freeze or if we want to have dessert one evening. Please feel free to comment with ideas for those as well.

As this is a work-in-progress, we'd love any input you have that might make things function more smoothly. But, for now, we've got a dozen or so weeks planned out with zero meals repeated so far! And we're really excited to be trying out so many new, delicious things. Here's to planning ahead and not playing the grocery game each and every evening!

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