Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Trick

Holy cow can 3-year-olds be fickle. One day mine LOVES yogurt, the next she says it's the "most worst thing in the whole wide world in my life." Drama. This goes for every single food in the history of the world (wherever does she get this drama?!). She actually eats a wide variety of foods, it's just a gamble as to what will please this princess from day-to-day. But I've found a trick that has yet to fail me. She will eat anything with sprinkles on it! Her problem is not that she doesn't actually like things, it's that she won't try them. But as soon as she gets a little taste, she always goes for it - almost no matter what. So if I can just get her to try something, we're golden. Another trick for the sprinkles: peruse the seasonal aisles of your grocery store after the holiday, and stock up on half-price sprinkles. I'm pretty sure they last forever without going bad, and this way you can have a fun stash at half the cost. I have a big container of Valentine's Day sprinkles with hearts and pink and red and yellow sprinkles - perfect for any day for a little girl. I also found a "Summer Fun" container last Fall that was filled with dinosaurs, sunshines, dolphins, etc. Hope this works for you!

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