Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Christmas Tradition to Get Started on Now

I started a tradition right after I first got married (over 9 years ago!) that has been so much fun. Each year I put up a small, tabletop Christmas tree on a sofa table right in our foyer. I make handmade ornaments (but you could just as easily and with just as much meaning purchase a variety of store-bought ones) to fill the tree. Then, each and every guest that passes through our doors during the Christmas season picks an ornament off the tree to take home. Even the Verizon installers chose one a couple of years back. The two grown men acted like kidsina candy store over homemade ornaments. It just makes people happy! And it, in turn, will bless your heart too.

Need some handmade ornament ideas? Here are some of my favorites:


C. said...

Thank you for such a wonderful idea. I am a caregiver for my Mother and we are always on the search for easy things for her to do. This gives us ideas for Christmas that we can start now. Also thank you for the everything etsy link.

Alicia said...

You are quite welcome! Thank you for your sweet comment.