Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a Circus!

I just finished and shipped my latest order, and I love the way everything turned out. Thought I'd share in case you're looking for party ideas. This party package is for a precious girl's circus-themed first birthday party. I thought the mom had a great idea. She wanted a birthday banner that she can use each year for each child. So I did the name separate from the "Happy Birthday" and focused on gender-neutral colors including the pinks and purples only in the name banner. I love, love, love all the bright colors!
1 Onesie - Front
And who can resist a rainbow ruffled hiney? =)
Circus Bunting (x2 - each was 13-feet long)
Birthday Bib
And the birthday banner
These projects could not be more fun to create!


Erin said...

Sooo cute!! Love the bib!

Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace said...

I think I'm in love that bunting and birthday banner! Sigh. I need more time for sewing projects!
As usual, I love your crafting and kid ideas. I passed on the Leibster Blog Award to you today.
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