Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy Update

I'll be back very soon with some craft ideas for the holidays (and a recipe or two). But I wanted to share an update on my Etsy store. I had a bunch of tag blankets listed on my site, but I was contacted by the Taggies company. They not only hold a trademark on their name, but they have a patent on their blankets. I had no idea. I had to take all of my tag blankets off Etsy. I feel very strongly about following the rules, but I also feel like my blankets are very different from the Taggies you find in the stores.
  • My blankets are made with solid-colored anti-pill polar fleece, minky fur, or dotted fur fabric depending on your choice. Taggies are made from patterned polar fleece such as white with yellow ducks or primary-colored squares. I have yet to find a color combination I like that they make.
  • My ribbons are a variety of textures from silky to grosgrain to lace and ric rac. Taggies are made with satin ribbon only.
  • All of my blankets are personalized with the baby's first initial. Taggies does not offer this option.
I just wanted anyone who is interested to know why my listings are gone from Etsy. But I'd be happy to take your order personally if you'd like. They are $25 each and include everything listed above. Shipping is $5, but I will waive the shipping on orders of two or more. See you soon!

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