Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Your Little Turkey

I made a Thanksgiving turkey onesie for my little turkey this afternoon and wanted to show you all how to make one too. I saw the idea at one of my all-time favorite websites, The Crafty Crow. I changed it up a bit for my liking, and took pictures along the way. As always, feel free to ask questions if you have any!

1) Trace your child's hand. I have a tip for babies' hands. They are next to impossible to trace well since they're so wiggly. (Mine tried to grab the pencil the whole time!) Get their hand wet, then place it on a sheet of colored construction paper. It will leave enough of a print to trace around that leaving you free from their wiggly, tangly fingers.
2) Eat the paper - this step is totally optional
3) Gather scraps of fabrics. I have another tip. Go to your local fabric store and collect free samples of the fabrics on the big bolts. They will come in handy all the time. I have a handful of them always.
4) You'll want the piece of fabric to be a tad bit larger than your child's handprint. Since I only had tiny pieces of fabric, I pieced them together into a mini quilt (see below).
5) Position the handprint in the center of the shirt you want to embellish, and trace with a disappearing-ink fabric pen.
6) Place the fabric piece directly under the handprint (in between the front and back side of the onsie) right side facing up, and pin in place. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of this step. But in the end, it should be a sandwich in this order from top to bottom: shirt front with the traced hand, decorative fabric facing up, shirt back.
7) Sew along the tracing lines in a coordinating-colored thread. You will be sewing through the front of the shirt as well as through the background fabric. Be careful not to catch the shirt back in the stitching.
8) When you've sewn all the way around the outline, remove the pins. Using sharp scissors (I used my tiny Fiskars scissors, and they were perfect), remove the shirt fabric from the inside of the handprint to expose the background fabric as shown below.
9) Add embellishments like legs/feet, a gobble or waddle or whatever that hanging-down thing is called, a button eye, and a beak, and you're done! A custom-made Thanksgiving shirt for your little turkey.
Happy Crafting!


Brandon and Jenny said...

I LOVE THIS! I hope I have time this week to make one. So precious! Oh, it took me awhile to find the link. On my blog I have to make it bold or something so not-savvy people like me know where to click!

Alicia said...

Thanks, Jenny! I didn't even realize the links were the same color as the rest of the text. I'm fixing it now.

Amy said...

So stinkin' cute. Love it.

Rachel said...

Very Cute! Although, I didn't check the blog in time to try and make it myself. What kind of ideas are you cooking up for Christmas?