Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Stink is Worth it!

I'm glad the weather is beautiful right now because I've got all my sliding doors and windows open to counteract my pre-Thanksgiving cooking. =) Curious? I'm making these. They are absolutely delicious, but they bake for 2 hours, and they make your entire house smell like smoked bacon for at least a day. So if you're wanting a perfectly sinful appetizer idea, go make these. But make them well ahead of time, freeze them, and re-heat unless you'd like your house to smell like smoky bacon when your guests arrive.

1 comment:

Brandon and Jenny said...

Now...what did you make? I am a little confused.

And, I am also confused why on earth you would NOT want your house to smell like bacon! YUM! We love that smell around the Scott house! :)