Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 19, 25 Days of Christmas Tips

19) Storybook Crafts, Part One
The Christmas Mouse, which I've had a lot of trouble finding (and I'm not quite sure this is the right one) is a sweet tale of the story behind the Silent Night - from a mouse's perspective. This craft is straight from my preschool years. My teacher read this story, and we made these little mice. The body is glued into half of a walnut shell. The body is made of two pom poms - one large, and one small. The eyes are seed beads, the ears are pinecone pieces, and the tail is leather. There is a pipe cleaner glued to the bottom to twist it onto the tree branch. Of course, you could make these ornaments, or you could make some yummy treats like these instead to tie into the book. So cute. Directions are here.

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