Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 20, 25 Days of Christmas Tips

20) Storybook Crafts, Part Two
The Legend of the Christmas Spider is a cute story of German origin that explains a fairytale reason behind why we decorate our trees with tinsel. Read this story with your kids before making spider ornaments. My mom has a gorgeous gold beaded spider in her ornament collection that we used to love to see on the tree (I still do!). This would be easy to make, and I'm making one for my tree, so you can follow along.
Here are the supplies you'll need:
craft wire, one large bead, seed beads, wire cutters, glue gun

Cut 4 3-inch sections of wire. This does not have to be accurate at all. Just make sure that they're long enough to go through the large bead and have plenty of length left for legs. Curl one end of each of the wires to hold the beads on like this:
Thread seed beads onto the wires until you reach a little less than halfway.Thread all four of the wires through the large bead. It may be helpful to use the glue gun to help hold the wires in place once they're threaded through the large bead.Thread the remaining wire with seed beads leaving enough room to curl the ends like you did before. Bend the legs to look spider-like. There's your Christmas spider! Give her a special place on your tree. =)


Amy said...

Hey! I want to make one of you have extra supplies? If so, I think we have a project to work on next week!

Alicia said...

I have tons of extra supplies. We'll definitely make a Christmas spider for you.