Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Decorations

In addition to saving our babyfood jars, I had also saved the empty formula canisters. I originally planned to cover them with Christmas-themed scrapbooking paper to deliver all of our Christmas cookies in last year. I underestimated the job with a 7-month-old, however, so I still had them. I decided to use them for the centerpieces for Hannah's party instead. I just peeled off the label, filled them halfway with rocks, cut a circle of styrafoam for the inside top, and wrapped them with tissue paper
then with polka-dotted celophane.
I tied a giant tulle bow around each canister. Then I printed LOTS of black-and-white pictures of Hannah's first year, mounted them to textured cardstock, and glued them to dowel rods. I stuck the dowels into the styrafoam at different heights for a fun, memory-filled centerpiece.

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Brandon and Jenny said...

Both of these ideas from the party are so fantastic! I will definitely be using them! Thanks so much.