Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just heard of the greatest website, Alice.com. During my big monthly grocery trip last night, my daughter was a bear. She was tired, so she was in no mood to be patient. But we were out of milk, eggs, and bread, so the trip was a must. Anyway, I was standing in line trying to prevent her from throwing everything out of the cart thinking, "I wish I had a personal shopper to do this for me." I hate grocery shopping. I always have, but adding a 15-month-old to that trip makes it even less appealing. This morning I ran across this website. It is great. Go check it out. You pay a little more, but the concept is phenomenal. You enter the products you use, the frequency you purchase them, and they remind you when you're due. They also find all of the coupons associated with the items in your products list to alert you when you can save. Oh, and shipping is free! Awesome.

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