Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flower Arrangement Tip

I almost always decorate with fresh flowers for get togethers and events I have at my house. I typically buy them at Sam's Club because they're such a steal. But I was doing some last-minute shopping at Tom Thumb before our family reunion brunch, and their flowers are outrageous compared to Sam's. I found a bunch of already-prepared bouquets that were cheesy but expensive. But their alstromerias (one of my favorite flowers - they last for weeks) and sunflowers were on clearance for $3 per bouquet. I used a tip I saw on Martha Stewart years ago and made my own arrangement that I liked much better than any of the bouquets I saw...and for $6!
Grab a handful of flowers that coordinate well. Make a bouquet in your hand shaping and stuffing as you go and holding the stems firmly in place. When you've used the amount of flowers you're happy with and have them arranged where you like them, slide a clear elastic ponytail holder as high as you can up the stems to hold them in place. Cut the stems to the same length and place in your vase. The bouquet will stay exactly how you arranged it, and you won't be able to see the elastic through the glass. It works every time.

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Brandon and Jenny said...

What a great idea! We can get flowers here on the cheap, and I even have those little clear bands for BabyM's hair!

Can't wait to try this.