Sunday, August 16, 2009

Many mouths munch mouthwatering manna. Mine? Mere morsels.

Gardening. Ugh. Seems the aphids, bunnies, cardinals, blue jays, ants, roly poly's, etc. are enjoying my labor way more than we are lately. My basil and jalapenos are still flourishing. Everything else? Not so much. The cucumbers are tough and are trying desperately to resist all of the garden pests. But, as soon as one will ripen, someone other than myself helps himself. We've sprayed and sprayed with all sorts of pest control, but to no avail.
Thankfully I've used basil at least thrice weekly since it was planted, I've given tons away, and early on in the summer I picked at least 2 cucumbers daily. We once had green beans nightly, banana peppers every few days, and tons of cilantro too. Not even the pervasive zucchini has escaped unscathed. I haven't had a single one! I'm still trying, but I think it may be time to count my losses. Bummer.


Brandon and Jenny said...

a serious bummer.

They looked like they would have been delicious!

Anonymous said...

We did a fall garden for the first time this year. It's doing great! It's not too late to get one going. :)