Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 21, 25 Days of Christmas Tips

21) Angel Kisses
Here's another cute idea for a quick, inexpensive gift. This would be cute for teachers, neighbors, or secret santa gifts.

What you'll need:
Hershey kisses, sparkly pipe cleaners, wooden beads, glue gun, markers (black and pink).
Bend a pipe cleaner into wings that would be an appropriate size for the kiss.
Also bend a pipe cleaner into a circle. Glue the circle onto the wooden bead. Decorate the bead to look like a face. I just did two black dots for eyes and two pink dots for cheeks. My marker ran terribly, so please pardon the pictures, but you get the idea. Glue the bead to the top of the kiss and the wings on the back.Attach a ribbon to the back to use as an ornament. Or you could fill a cute coffee mug or bowl with Hershey kisses, add a few of these angel kisses to the top, and attach this tag. I actually got this as a gift years and years ago. It was given in a tiny clay pot with this poem printed on cardstock and glued to a popsicle stick stuck into the pot of kisses. It was so cute.

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